Forty years of challenges and passion in Rieti

Founded in 1974 as INTERMOTOR Spa for single-cylinder petrol engines production, Rieti plant is today one of the most important LOMBARDINI Group profitable division. Implemented in 20,000, the overall area of 100,000 square metres is dedicated to single-cylinder air-cooled diesel engines. Starting with just few products of Reggio Emilia Lombardini catalogue, after a while our technicians designed engines directly on premises. First to agriculture, then we extended our business to industry, construction, genset and marine world, becaming international in April 2008 when Rieti line produced two-millionth engines. Our flagship is 15LD range has been recently updated to meet the ever-increasing market demand. The new KD15 440 get on cutting-edge components and is improvged by technical innovations. Aimed in strenghtening technology and productivity, LOMBARDINI Group investment policy rolled out large machine tools to support the company in keeping main mechanical processes on Rieti site, which boasts now of some universal and flexible features. One of our most important turning points is the foundation of LOMBARDINI MARINE division in 1986. Engines here produced were protagonists of the popular trans-oceanic races because they do not just supply propulsion for cruising and mooring, but work also like generators in providing power source to navigational instruments. In 2014, Rieti plant celebrated its 40th anniversary: 40 years of growth and achievements, 40 years of constant challenges to build the company success. THE FUTURE NEVER ENDS!

Moving forward toward...mobility

Always in search of methods of communication that are as integrated as possible and in step with the times, the Kohler-Lombardini group has decided to offer its new mobile application in the Apple Store and on Google Marketplace in order to help people consult the company's technical documentation. This new, interactive, dynamic catalogue of products is easy to use and can be accessed at any time from Smartphones and tablets. It's perfect for facilitating the itinerant work of the sales network during events and exhibitions in the company's sector. Currently available for products in the general catalogue, the new app will soon be extended to the gasoline category so that it becomes a complete, serviceable tool which also enhances the brand awareness of the group.

New Lombardini Marine generators!

The Lombardini Marine generator range is being updated with the launch of the new LMG 9000, LMG 14000 and LMG 18000 models, with power outputs ranging from 8 to 16 kW. Quality, performance, low noise and light weight are the key characteristics of this new series – they feature a new alternator which offers increased versatility for the product. Available in single-phase or three-phase versions, 400/230V or 230/120V at 3000 rpm. Waveform quality is assured by the new AVR system, which guarantees voltage variability of less than 3% both under load and unloaded. The new control panel, connected to the generator via Ethernet cable, provides a display of operational parameters (voltage and current supply, running time), and warning lights for high coolant temperature, low oil pressure and overloading. The new soundproofed fibreglass case provides significant noise reduction. Provision for hose and cable connections is built in, simplifying generator installation. The new generators have been designed with simple maintenance in mind – main inspections of engine components, replacement of parts subject to wear and topping up of fluids can be performed from the same side of the unit.


Once again, Kohler-Lombardini group's decision to take part in a specialist trade fair was met with optimism and confidence. This year, the 29th Samoter, Italy's main trade fair of Earthmoving Machinery for construction sites and the building industry, was held in Verona from 8th to 11th May exceeding even the most optimistic forecasts. The 50th anniversary show played its part by sending out positive signals to the world of construction, with over 40,000 visitors attending and 15% coming from abroad. A result that bodes well for a market that has been struggling to expand for the last six years or so. The impressive flow of people coming to see our stand included industry professionals and casual visitors, leaving us in no doubt as to the positive outcome of our participation at Samoter, in line with the overall trend at the fair. We also met with several national and foreign journalists, helping us boost our relationships with some of the leading industry publications and promote our current range of engines as well as creating interest in our future plans.

Our engine, your engine

You Design, because the customer is the core of our product. In 1933 Adelmo Lombardini and his brothers founded the company, when agricultural mechanics was just at the beginning. This was the first seed in a long success story and a winning intuition because it was founded on the profound value that each single engine must be made perfectly, with high quality standards usually reserved to works of art. Today, Lombardini is the undisputed leader in Europe for diesel engines production and this achievement is not just the result of product innovation and quality, but is also due to the attention we pay to our customers. A thorough pre-sales service aims to understand every customer demands, turning it into a tailor made product. The versatility and wide range of our products and the competence of the staff turn into impeccable customer service: our expertise and competence in engines is guarantee of perfect suitability to the machinery they will be installed in. Every piece version is created upon requirements and our specialized technicians or applications department can even install they directly on the machinery. A trusted solution to make our engine become your engine - just yours.

The new Lombardini/Kohler dealer locator

With the launch of its new web site, Lombardini is offering a new service to its customers and to anyone who needs information on the company's sales and service points. This is an easy-to-use dealer locator – a geolocation app to help allows in finding spare parts dealers, where to purchase Lombardini products and have their machinery repaired, filtering the search on the basis of two extremely simple parameters – the location of the dealer or the name of the spare parts centre or reseller. In the first case, you will be immediately shown the facility next to your location; in the second, just knowing the name you can find out the address. A new service to meet the needs of those who choose Lombardini - in an even more timely and efficient manner.

Impossible? We Made It!

Would you ever have imagined that you would find a global company based in Reggio Emilia capable of recognizing and realizing your talent? We did! A company is what it makes. Yet the difference lies in who does the making, and how it gets made. We, the people who work at the Lombardini group, are the most important strategic resource, the heart of the entire process. Here, research applied to talent is just as important as research applied to engines. When we find talent, we invest to transform it into expertise, and thus into a career: the ASFOR-accredited internal corporate training program, company master's degree for the development of managerial skills and the over 20,000 hours of training provided each year are intended to allow us to reach the levels of excellence that make Lombardini a world leader in its sector. Watch our videos on our YouTube channel LombardiniGroup to discover the Lombardini experience!
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