In line with its policy of ongoing improvement, Kohler Engines is renewing its Reggio Emilia production facility, which was recently recognised as the Kohler Group's international design and development centre for diesel engines. The company is now sporting a new look. The old company colours have given way to a more contemporary coal grey that better reflects the subtle shades of Kohler engines.

But the most significant new development is the establishment of the Demo Area - a space devoted to introductions and demonstrations that enables customers and partners to hold events reserved for dealers and distributors. The project expresses the company's perspective on the "Customer Experience", according to which Kohler Engines consistently provides top-notch support to customers not only as a supplier of products, but also in the field of service and technical assistance. Kohler is an innovative partner that meets the very highest standards of quality through cutting edge technology and a global support organisation for customers.

Demo Area & Facilities Upgrade – STEP 1

Kohler-Lombardini Network: our service is just an app away

In order to provide an ever more efficient service to our customers and to strengthen the group's territorial presence, the new Kohler-Lombardini Network mobile app is now available to download from the Apple Store or Google Market Place. The app uses geolocation to find your nearest sales and technical service points, while indicating the whole route by using Google Maps technology. The results can also be filtered based on the features and services required, guaranteeing a high level of interaction with the user and transforming the tool into the perfect solution to promote the sales network and the services offered. Developed in Italian, English, French and Spanish, the app lets you contact the dealer directly and share the contact information in an e-mail. The mobile app version of the Dealer Locator system is also available on your tablet and smartphone. Download it from the Apple Store or Google Market Place.

The Comeback of Tradition

The range of KDI engines by KOHLER Engines is already the new technological benchmark for industrial applications in the range of powers from 37 to 100 kW. The rapid success of this innovative engine solution is the result of engineering choices that meet the specific needs of manufacturers and end users. Its small size, the best performance in its category, its modest fuel consumption and ease of installation, make this an engine that optimizes productivity and efficiency, reducing maintenance costs while ensuring compliance with any emission standards, from the most severe to the least restrictive, thanks to a flexible and innovative system of after treatment in its category. Hot on the heels of the brilliant results achieved in the construction industry, KDI engines are taking up a new challenge: to be "The Game Changer" once again, but this time for manufacturers of agricultural machines by offering them specific versions of the KDI 1903, KDI 2504 and KDI 3404 models. 

Why did BCS Group choose KDI?

The biggest challenge facing KOHLER Engines these days is to meet the increasingly more complex geography of emissions. It is accomplished using a streamlined and modular after-treatment system (DOC, DOC + SCR and fitted for DPF system integration in preparation for 2020 when Stage V emission standards will come into force).  The various models (KDI 1903, KDI 2504 and KDI 3404) with their different settings come with all the certifications required for their range (up to 100 kW) by the European Union (EU: Stage IIIA, Stage IIIB, Stage IV), by North America (EPA: Tier 4i, Tier 4 Final) and by other countries outside the EU (China and Korea: (Tier III or equivalent). In addition, the KOHLER Engines solution provides special dual stage fuel filtration systems, which also allows the use of low quality diesel fuel without risking engine operation. 
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Our engine, your engine

You Design, because the customer is the core of our product. In 1933 Adelmo Lombardini and his brothers founded the company, when agricultural mechanics was just at the beginning. This was the first seed in a long success story and a winning intuition because it was founded on the profound value that each single engine must be made perfectly, with high quality standards usually reserved to works of art. Today, Lombardini is the undisputed leader in Europe for diesel engines production and this achievement is not just the result of product innovation and quality, but is also due to the attention we pay to our customers. A thorough pre-sales service aims to understand every customer demands, turning it into a tailor made product. The versatility and wide range of our products and the competence of the staff turn into impeccable customer service: our expertise and competence in engines is guarantee of perfect suitability to the machinery they will be installed in. Every piece version is created upon requirements and our specialized technicians or applications department can even install they directly on the machinery. A trusted solution to make our engine become your engine - just yours.

iService: the new online technical assistance platform for Kohler Engines

Once again, the KOHLER Group is redefining customer service standards with
iService, the new multimedia platform which adds the increased availability and ease of use offered by technological evolution to the traditional tool for viewing technical manuals.
This innovative solution combines efficiency and effectiveness of information in a single environment containing the entire Kohler Engines aftersales universe: use and maintenance manuals, workshop manuals, spare parts catalogues, and the entire area dedicated to the warranty system. The system also offers the opportunity to take advantage of online distance learning and to assess the level of expertise attained via an automatic testing system.
The system is initially only available for KDI engines, but will be progressively extended to cover all KOHLER Engines petrol and diesel product ranges.
The platform, which has been designed to meet the needs both of the service network and of end users, offers simple and intuitive interactive contents, which can be easily accessed from smartphones and tablets as well as PCs.


Change, progress, invention, development, news. There can be a lot of definitions but only companies able to innovate can be competitive and excel on competitors. KOHLER Engines has ambitions and resources to become a main global player in the world of diesel engines. A world with a cut-throat competition and where new market shares can be conquered only by improving or innovating strategic processes such as acquiring new customers, developing new products, working on operations and customer support.

For this reason we have decided to launch a new initiative, "INNOVATION PARTY".

Cycle of seminars held by professionals will help us understand how and when innovation is realized, giving food for thought on new technologies and calling to action all of us.

In the second step of "INNOVATION PARTY", all the employees will have the chance to actively participate to the project with our proposals, hints and ideas that could become reality!

We are the main source of change: Innovation begins from small actions we decide to do in order to improve products and services' quality that we provide to our customers.